Thursday, June 29, 2006

life on the other side of the bars

This is a test...only one with no right answers, no way to study, no time to practice, no do-overs. A sentence is no longer a complete thought that ends with a period, but an eternal time period with bars at the end. The sentence and the bars invade every conversation, every waking moment, every desire and all hope. The sentence and the bars are also an invitation to journey in a dark place where things are not as they seem and life is compacted into a small space and an even smaller view to the outside world. I offer a window into this world in this small space, and hope to find others who would do the same. I'm the mother of a son in prison.


Blogger caring mom said...

I am headed to having a son in prison. his sentence march3rd 2014. any advice apprciated

3:21 PM  

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