Saturday, September 27, 2008


Friday night through Saturday morning for me now is the "ministry gauntlet". Friday night I am humbled to be part of a worship band that plays for our Celebrate Recovery 12 step. Then early Saturday I'm off to the prison for another round of steppin' with my orange ladies. And now we have CR in my home stomping grounds where again, she flies in and whips out the ivories (and tries not to be too loud and clumsy). Ah yes. I was tired today, but honestly, what a privilege! Sincerely.

Last night I was tired. I have had the plague-I'm convinced. Well, not the Middle Ages smelly and horrible version, but one that knocked me out for over a week. No strength. Which led to a rather hilarious ending to our music set last night. We not only opened the meeting, we ended it, and by the end I was wiped out totally. So I drug my carcass back up to the keys, whipped through My Redeemer Lives (and moves very quickly!!), and blanked out at the end with everyone standing there reverently-I could not think of a thing to say to end the meeting. So I just said, "Now talk amongst yourselves". Everyone sort of stood there in silence and then roared-ah, blessed relaxed noise and conversation. This performance stuff is too much pressure!

This morning after a week's battle with musical CD-ROMS and lesson hand-outs for CR, which we now really, REALLY need, I realized we did not have one single trifold or hand-out that had new information for our morning meeting. It took me two hours to get the steps, the Serenity Prayer, a meeting list and Welcome (yay) pamphlet for our new meeting. Then I zoomed off to the prison, which was to be a celebration of completion and the handing out of certificates. Our dear female chaplain finagled donuts and coffee for the remaining ladies-so many are now back out into the there we all sat like Aunt Bee and her quilting circle laughing and eating Dunkin' Donuts-after we figured out how to open the childproof screw cap on the coffee box (I kept wondering if the coffee box was really necessary-and a bit reminiscent of a wine box). It was great.

Then on to the new meeting, which is in this more beautiful than my house church annex-lovely. And after over a year of working, waiting, planning, waiting, praying, waiting, waiting and more waiting, here's the new baby of recovery meetings. And it was GOOOD. I think junior has huge growth potential, and no lack of love and acceptance. Yay, Yaweh!! What a life.


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