Monday, July 03, 2006

blurred reflection

The title comes from a scripture that talks about limitations of earthly knowledge being like looking into a mirror that gives a blurred reflection. Older translations say, "we see through a glass darkly". There is no place on earth this applies more aptly than the human justice system. The problem is, no human being alive can see into the human heart. Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, but he, too was fallible and apt to improperly judge truth. It is not enough to have knowledge...even facts can fail to be the proper instrument to determine the outcome of a life gone astray. Human judgement is prone to personal prejudices, motives and outright manipulation, and even in the case of the most impartial judge and jury, there is still room for error. Being "human" precludes absolute justice.

How, then, do we know what justice is? Is the law a human invention, or is there a higher law? Where does a person find the mirror with an accurate reflection? The scripture goes on to say "when the perfect comes, the imperfect will be done away with", and "we shall see face to face". Justice requires a perfect standard of measure. The question is, was there ever a perfect life lived? History records one life so lived, and sacrificed to provide the ultimate justice for any human ever born who puts their faith in Him.

Still, humans are born with free choice, and sometimes the choices we make cause dire consequences, consequences that must be dealt with. It is my hope that a human justice fulfills the higher law and therefore is a clear mirror. In the end it is up to each heart to decide how to receive the justice of man and of God.


Blogger prisondad said...

I had a dream before this happened.

I was in a garage that was newly purchased. I was inspecting the facility and noticed a foul smell. I followed the odor and it became stronger. It finally became overwhelning. It was the stench of death.

I phoned 911. A woman forensics expert arrived on the scene and I took her to where the smell eminated from. She poked at the loose concrete with a pen. It began to loosen and come apart. The odor grew in intensity. Her digging exposed what appeared to be a finger but it was quite large. The finger began to move and work more of the concrete loose! We both choked and gagged as the body exposed more of itself. The dust and stench continued to increase. Finally, the beast freed itself from the concrete prison and stood 10 feet tall in the garage. The rotton flesh hung from his bones. He said, "I am now leaving you after tormenting you for these many years." He walked out of the building and we were left standing there, dumbfounded.

This dream was so intense and real that I wrote it down in my palm pilot as soon as I woke up from it.
Four days later, our son was in a mental institution for an attempted suicide and his best friend was dead.

That's all I can write now.

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