Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Human beings are relational creatures. We were created to be. Love is essential for our survival. I'm sure we all have heard about the developmental differences between babies who are cuddled and those who are not. Scriptures say if we have all wisdom, knowledge, giftings, self-sacrificing behaviors and don't have love, we're nothing. That's a very strong statement, and I take it to mean the ability to give and receive love properly. I would also venture to say most criminal behavior has a relationship component. The drive to belong to someone and be accepted is so powerful, it can have the most positive effects in the world and the most negative.

My son became entangled in a friendship that morphed into something so unhealthy that at first glance it is very hard to understand exactly how this happened. Two young men with like personalities, lots in common, much to share and an apparent "brotherly love" for each other wound up in the woods one night with one dead and one suicidal. Police and reporters alike seemed to want to blame someone or something, come up with deviant or Satanic behavior as the cause, or some weird death pact. In fact even we as parents and family wondered what the truth was. My belief is this-anything that takes the place of God in our lives and becomes a god to us will, in the end, be our end. The best and most apparently perfect relationship, job, talent, situation, life, whatever, will be the rope that hangs us if that is all we live for. There was no reason for two potentially wasted lives here except that human beings cannot take the place of God for each other.

Most people don't come to this end, but even living marginally or for the wrong reasons is a living death. God alone loves us for the true people we are, and God alone has the key to purpose in our lives. He is our life-line. Human life-lines can become spider webs all too easily. The thing about being entangled is, the more you struggle, the tighter the ropes become. The key to escape is surrender. Either that or death.


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