Thursday, July 06, 2006

mistaken identity II

Worthless, hopeless, this the normal state of things? We tend to look at people who break the law as abnormal. Are human beings naturally law-abiding creatures, having no trouble living life unselfishly and purposefully? Suddenly this becomes a very relevant question. What separates the law-abiding from those who seem to never really make peace with society and it's expectations. Why do we have certain expectations of our fellow men and women? There is a longing on my part to return to this state of "normalcy", but when it is breached, it seems a chasm is formed that cannot easily be crossed. What is the true identity of humans?

We don't need to look farther than the morning newspaper to understand the reality of evil in the world, the force that exposes humans to harm. And that humans themselves are the only creatures on the planet capable of evil. The existence of evil proves that some type of "good" is the norm. Once again human beings alone are capable of reason and making choices to do good, or to do evil. What is the nature of good and evil? I could write endlessly and never find satisfying answers using human wisdom and intellect alone.

My offering on this dilemma is that our original identity was as children of a God whom the scriptures say alone is good. Nothing we do, good or evil, gives us identity. Our identity comes in accepting that it was established long, long ago, and humankind rebelled against their intended purpose. The question is resolved in receiving the kindness of a loving Heavenly Father through His means of final justice in the world-sending His Son to die once and for all for all evil. Humans will always be creatures of choice capable of evil...and long as they draw breath on this earth, but our worth and our hope come from the only Being capable of softening hearts and giving them true identity that is eternal.


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