Monday, September 03, 2007

rest from our labors

It's officially Labor Day, the which we are supposed to celebrate the worker and take a rest from our labors. This extra day in the week to rest has enabled me to finish planning my classes for school and begin to do the real "work" I love, which is drawing. I've been reminded the past two weeks that certain types of work are of a season, and in those times they are all-consuming. My father could have been classed a workaholic, mostly out of necessity, but also because his strength came from his work. I know that for men in particular, so much of their self-worth is defined by the job description. I found that being so busy after months of steady time to myself really challenged me. I needed this challenge. It's a funny thing that working more can actually help you use your time more wisely and more productively. I could not sustain the pace forever, but it got me to looking very carefully at what I do (or don't do) and why. I suddenly became jealous for my drawing time and my time alone in the morning with God. I had to learn to walk away after a time because I was becoming too involved. When I was growing up, there was never "too involved". The more I did the better.

But yesterday was the Sabbath, and I was again reminded where my priorities are. We had a great discussion in Sunday School as we work through the book of Ephesians. The most important thing the Apostle Paul had to discuss with them was being worthy of their calling, and at all costs keeping unity in the body. To love one another and to love God was the absolute focus of their lives. I thought to myself how much I need to look at what I do, because in the end that is what really counts. I believe this teaching job is part of my calling from God. In His graciousness and desire to bless me, He also desires to bless my family, the body of Christ and the world at large. I cannot take my eyes off of this for a moment. If I think this life belongs to me, I lose my purpose. My strength for work comes from the fact that I have a responsibility to serve the Lord in this life and my fellow man. I am extremely fortunate that I may do this within a framework of something I love.

So yesterday I looked very carefully at my time and tried to have a balanced day. I worked in the morning but also exercised. I went to church to worship and be with other believers. I finished one task for school but also went out with my husband on the motorcycle and watched a silly Sci-Fi movie (Mansquito-ok, not a cinematic classic but how can you miss with a guy getting his DNA scrambled and turning into a giant mosquito?). I drew for awhile, cooked a turkey and talked to my sister last night. I went to bed feeling like the day was full in the right sort of way! May I continue to have my ear trained to heaven and do the work I was called to do-all of it.


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