Thursday, September 13, 2007

to do

I'm upstairs trying to finish a drawing I've been working on for weeks. I'm tired, it has to be completed so I can start the next one, and I have to concentrate. The past week was so crazy. I didn't have a moment and I'm not used to that. Even things I know should be unhurried were hurried waiting to get to the next thing. I planned a "girl's day out" with my youngest daughter, a perfect activity and dinner afterward. I tried to love it, we did laugh alot and she was great company, but my mind was fast-forwarding to my easel, the unfinished lessons I have, bobbing and weaving through conversations I've had and should have with certain people, letters to write, things to do....every moments was shoe-horned into a slot of "to do". Sigh. It's ok, I have the grace, I can do this.

I guess I think of people who I depended on in similar constraints. I hope I had grace for them. And I thank God for those who are freer and give me their time. Thanks, Orangeman, for a great phone conversation-you always make me laugh. Thanks, my sponsor, for understanding and helping me sort out the complicated mental threads. Thanks, my precious Rebecca, for your company. And thank you, Lord, for all the complications. They truly are blessed ones.


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