Thursday, September 21, 2006

what the world needs

One thing I'm finding in bigger and more profound ways is that humans cannot live life alone. I mean living well, being healthy and understanding their purpose here. We need God, we need other people. In this day and age it seems like we treat that as an option. It isn't. We have our gadgets and conveniences, and yes, we could continue to breathe and eat, be clothed and stay alive by ourselves, but really that is an illusion, too. We depend on other people depending on other people and us. It was meant to be that way. The first thing God created was a setting for relationship. The world was not meant to exist unto itself either, though militant environmentalists would have us think our very dependence on the earth is a travesty of nature. This is also wrong. No, a Creator, creating a very special place for a very special creation is the truth, and the beings there enjoying their creator, their home and their fellows and sharing it all was the master plan. How hard can that be? Very, apparently. How could we screw up paradise? By rejecting the master plan.

It is so apparent today that people try to play God. Heck, society at large makes it their goal. And how well are we fairing? Not so good, Al. It's the one thing humans can't be, though they try. In trying to be their own god they follow someone else's master plan. We have an enemy. He hates humankind. He uses everything intended for good against us. I saw this first hand with my own son, but it's in the paper every day, in every place people work, live and set foot. My son's most basic problem was that he rejected the master plan. He rejected his life and wanted to end it. He lived wanting to die. God had other ideas and foiled his attempts in this. But what do you say to someone who screams at you that they hate you for bringing them into the world? Continue to accept the master plan, continue to depend on God, see life as the consummate gift from Him, help His children see that and bless His kindness on the earth, and reject Satan's lies. The elites and intellectuals of the world would tell us this is foolishness, but God says He uses the foolishness of His world to confound the wise.

Yesterday I had the privilege of helping another person bent on self-destruction see the goodness in life. It's going to be a long path, but I stand amazed at what God does through people who love Him and submit to His plans for them. Three of us were at a table with this person, talking about our struggles and reading scripture. Out of nowhere tears came, and the admission that life was unbearable. The truth made it's way to the surface, and like the fingers on a hand each woman there began to speak life to this suffering soul. It was God speaking and working through us, honoring His plan for this woman who by herself could not see it. But she will. Love always finds a way, and the only way to love is through Flesh and Blood.


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