Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the gift of wednesday

Today is a gift. I know sappy calendars and fortune cookie fortunes say things like that, but today, Wednesday, October 25th, 2006, is a lovely, unfettered day to do whatever I would like to. There was only one thing I absolutely had to do, and that one thing fell under the category of a working pleasure because it entailed framing miniature art work for my daughter and myself. This will be our first time exhibiting together at a beautiful, tiny gallery in the woods, and the show is always lovely. My friend, David, runs the gallery and flower shop. He's short like me, wears glasses, is an incredibly gentle person and gay, and has sold work for me in the past. In fact, as long as I've been painting I've known David and shown work in his shop. He always goes all out for this one show and the shop becomes a magical world of sensory delights amid the fall foliage and winter landscape. So anticipation filled my heart to get the job done and the work dropped off, but only because the night before I got a call that today's 12 step meeting had been cancelled. Had it not, I would have been rushing like maniac to finish. Every day for the past ten day until my gifted Wednesday has been like that, making my temper short and my nerves way too sensitive.

Another gift came in the form of blog and e-mail messages I read and answered. I love to write, love the luxury of thinking about words and crafting them especially for people I care about. I love it when the words of others move my heart and my passions, or touch a dry and lonely place inside. It is days like today that really help me to drink in the pleasure and I wanted to give myself totally to the keyboard and my dear ones. I have yet to write a "snail mail" letter to my son, and it is fun to relate to him the days that pass in exaggerated and silly language, a thing that he and I share. Few people know how to bring out the color, comic elements and nuance of any story or situation like my son. So I look forward to that pleasure, to give it all the time it needs.

No one really understands except another OCD type how much cleaning a beloved space is a pleasure. After I'm done here I'm going up to my studio, putting on my cd player and cleaning my creative hide-away. It is littered with two days worth' of framing supplies, mat board, wire, screws, my mat cutter, pieces I didn't finish or use for the show-so now it is time to put everything in little piles that match, rearrange my supplies, sweep the floor and maybe light a scented candle. And dream of new things to create. I may not be famous or the greatest talent of my day, but I do love to create, and I am good at that. In fact I managed to finish a piece for the mini show even this morning, because I had my lovely, luxurious Wednesday with no deadlines. I'm particularly good at using colored pencils, and I was able to work on a little sunrise, something I'd already started but laid aside. I realized how wonderful this large piece looked cut down to a smaller size, and kicked up with some pastel. What a joy to frame this bonus and put it in the show. I felt fully confident that all my efforts were worthwhile and represented the joy I experience creating.

Another pleasure I exercised this morning was going alone to our church, unlocking the door and playing and singing to empty chairs. I don't know why I find this such a pleasure, but I do. As I sang and tickled the ivories, I thought about all of the people who influenced my life and my music. My mother was one of those first of all, my dear piano teacher, Joe, who believed in everything I tried and spent time with me playing duets and encouraging me to perform. Many people in the church did the same in their way, complementing my halting first efforts at worship, and who inspired me with their talents-dear pastors and their wives, many memories. I am so grateful for them, and I anticipate the ones to come.

I suppose the greatest part of the day, the frame and beautiful table centerpiece was my time in prayer. The Lord of my life was the Author of this Wednesday gift, and I had to thank Him first of all. He knows me so well, and honored and blessed one little person in the entire universe with the exact thing I needed. Thank you my dear Abba. This is the day You have made and I rejoice in it.


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