Tuesday, December 12, 2006

found things

Sometimes the computer is just an excuse like everything else not to be working or doing things you ought to be (how in the heck did I just waste AN HOUR listening to music??). It's like Alice in Wonderland-as soon as you fall into the rabbit hole you can't stop sliding...but I enjoy it, and do not do this everyday. In fact I don't do it every week or even every month. I guess that's a good thing. And I did order two new cds which I would never have found on a music store list. Sometimes on the computer you find just what you need, like that music.

I also found two thank yous on my e-mail list which made my day. It is such a pleasure to read nearly instantly that packages made it to destinations around the world. I love sending them, and receiving the joy of the recipient. One of these was a box of fun food and things that I hope a special family will enjoy at Christmas. They aren't together often, and I figured when they are, they need premium fun time and special moments. Food usually is a reason or an ingredient of those. The other box contained a portrait of a visitation. Again, it went to a family who cannot now be together and won't be at Christmas, but are in the picture. I received thanks from the parents, and the son of those who live over the pond. I hope my work will be a big bridge over alot of water and time before they are together again.

I love it when my life is made up of found things, just what you need.


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