Thursday, January 04, 2007

posting and hitting

Well, being that I only mostly do word processing, e-mailing and blogging on the computer, and that only when I need to, one of my greatest frustrations is not being able to do one of those activities because I'm computer illiterate in a large part. My inability to blog was due to an automatic upgrade to the browser that changed security setting, blah. If my husband dies I'm in big trouble because he changed the settings (but he admitted he didn't know what he was doing).

I write snail mail letters to Shaun Attwood, the prisoner who keeps jonsjailjournal. He recently wrote and told me I could use his name to generate hits (so I'm doing that now), but when he wrote it, I thought he meant music hits. Ok, before you fall on the ground laughing and peeing your undies, consider that I was born before the MTV generation, so I pled old age and stupidity when he patiently explained what he meant. (I also figured it out as soon the said letter left my fingers and fell into the mailbox). I had to let it go or serve time myself for tampering with the US Postal Service box.

So I'm back again, hopefully a little wiser and hit-worthy!


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