Sunday, November 18, 2007


What's been happening lately is more and more opportunities to write and serve prisoners and their families. I signed on for a local Angel Tree project, where inmates with children request gifts be delivered. A volunteer can buy toys and take them to the home of these kids. I want the contact. I feel like it's one thing to hear the women inside talk about their children, and another to connect with these families who are feeling the impact of their parent's imprisonment. I've also had more opportunities to write letters to inmates. I love to write letters and always have, so I think it's neat that something so simple and natural for me to do can be used to change another person's life. Or just make it more bearable.

These things fill up my spirit and make me stronger. The cool thing about sharing love is that you just get more back to share. It can be hard, and can hurt-I'm struggling with the fact that my son isn't writing lately much, but then I realize I have three or four others for every one letter I may not get from him. It's ok. The scriptures say that God sets the lonely in families. I'd sure like to be one of those families. It doesn't have to be blood. I think heaven will be filled with those in the parable of the rich man throwing a party-his invited guests begged off, so he told his servants, go out into the highways and tell anyone who wants to, please come. There will be the ignorant, the poor, ex-cons, the not so great in life. It just takes saying ok.


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