Monday, September 08, 2008

summer's end

Well, the month of September is winging it's way South I'll tell ya! Brandon started his prison laundry job and is feeling pretty good about life. He had to be moved to another cell in another block because of conflicts with yard times where he was. Beck and I started school and today I was able (yay for me!) to save tutorial files into a flash drive all by myself. Beck got her cool chef's hat, coat, checked pants and non-slip shoes for the kitchen. Dena starts back to school next month. Dave started taking an online Bible course. He's working his way towards a Bachelor's degree.

This month we have our LCCF prison volunteer dinner, a hippo birdies to me (I think I crossed into the African grey parrot territory-they live to be 80), a visitation and whatever else we can cram into this month. We have someone living with us who will be on his way at the end of the month-it's made for a bit of an interesting couple of weeks, but good. We're going to see "Forbidden Broadway" this weekend for my birthday. I love live productions and this one is supposed to be hilarious. I have to look over the Susquehanna Trailers newsletter to see what hikes look good this month. Something with cider and pretzels at the finish line might just be nice. Oh, the last weekend of the month Celebrate Recovery starts up in our little burg. I'm excited.

It's all good and a quick coast to Christmas!


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