Saturday, March 03, 2007

prayer appeal

I never know who is reading my little jottings, but I suppose an appeal for prayer would be in order. We are going to visit Brandon tomorrow, which for me is the first visit in several months due to my own choice and poor weather. I would love a good trip out and back, and a good time while we're there. I just got back from our county prison, from doing a ladies Christian 12 step program. The needs are tremendous. I feel my own heart for my son going out to these women as well, but I feel so drained after each meeting. There is a need for Celebrate Recovery in every town, I think. The biggest problem most inmates have is not having a support network on the outside. Most have drug or drinking problems, and their crimes are connected to their addictions. My partner and I are greeted with such surprise from some inmates familiar with AA and NA to know there are groups out there that acknowledge Jesus Christ as their higher power. The church need to get back to being an advocate for "the least of these". So, thanks for prayers today and happy thoughts sent this direction!


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