Monday, June 04, 2007

new day

It's Monday, June 4th, and things are getting better. At least in my attitude. I did get to church yesterday and sing out. I did go to the four-hour membership class and survive. I had a full weekend. My sister called last night for one of our marathon phone conversations, and I could hear it fine. I made it through an MRI on Saturday, hung shelves, hung out with my youngest-life goes on.

I guess it's all in perspective. Some of my Celebrate Recovery buddies were going through the church classes, too, and when we all broke for a pizza dinner in the middle of it, I was talking to one fella-big guy, rough and tough, with a criminal record. He lost his leg after a wreckless motorcycle accident, and having been a mechanic, he was struggling to put his life back together. He's taking classes in a distant city to learn dental technician skills, which I know a little about! But at the school where he's taking the classes, they offer jewelry repair as well. So he says jokingly, there I am in this jewelry repair class, an ex-con, and the teacher's giving me sterling silver to make a pendant. Who is going to hire me if I become a jeweler? We laughed over that, and there was something so healing about being in a church setting with my one-legged, ex-con friend, realizing no matter what happens in life we can go on. It was a sublime moment, and I felt thankful in it to realize how far I've come in my attitudes and acceptance of God's will in my life and the people He's brought into it.

So I don't know what's on the plate for today. I have two more doses of prednisone to take before the doc checks me out. My hearing still isn't right and I still have constant static. Well, I need to get back to my drawing board for one thing. I need to think about my daughter's graduation in a week and a half (the first ceremony in our family!!!) and my sister coming. There's so much to prepare for! Well, gotta go!


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