Sunday, July 16, 2006

choosing sides

Today is incredibly gorgeous outside. The sun is clearing away the mist and causing dew drops to sparkle on our flowers. We're having a baptism in our backyard, in our little pool. Neat rows of chairs are set up outside, and a table of food is set up inside. Birds are chirping away, the sky is so blue and clean it looks like the ocean surrounding an island. The house is tidy and neat as a pin. There is nothing left to do but look forward to a special, beautiful day. Yet I find myself fighting a headache, fear and clouds on my own horizon.

So much of life is how we choose to accept it. Some version of an old saying goes that we don't have to be behind metal bars to be imprisoned. Attitude plays a huge role in how we handle what a day brings. Circumstances, the weather, people, just everything can be picture perfect and still we can be distracted and dissatisfied with everything. Conversely, rain, difficult issues and people, whatever life may throw at us could threaten to ruin every moment, and a peaceful heart can fly above all of it.

I think first of all, I have to reset my attitude dial to thankfulness. I am grateful this day includes our house, friends and all the beauty and bounty we've been given to share. It is a joy to share it. Also, the things that may cause my mind to struggle, while they are real, need to be given the proper place. I don't ignore them, neither do I focus solely on them and have the day spoilt by their insistence. I prayed, I've understood what I can and cannot do, I've taken tylenol and decided to live outside the bars today.


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