Wednesday, February 14, 2007

greater is He

In case it isn't apparent that I'm already certifiable, well this blog may make the case for it. But beyond being that, I'm spiritual, and so I plead my case from that perspective. After walking through this week tenuously and on emotional bits of glass, I am again reminded the human race has a powerful enemy. Some people serve him, some people ignore him and some are harrassed by him and his minions. But he's real. I'm talking about the angel of light and prince of darkness, Satan, the roaring lion, accuser of the saints, Lucifer, the fallen one...I had to be reminded this week he's around.

I spoke with my sponsor this morning and we reviewed the week I just had. After thinking about it and reading scripture, I realized I continually walk into the enemy's camp and disrupt things. I don't think he was any too happy about me being in the prison. The feeling and sensation of darkness in that place was palpable. Problems large and small plagued the morning. I realized also that every Friday night I probably bruise a few demonic hosts by playing worship music and being in a place that exposes the way people are shackled by the enemy and how to get free.

I guess it came as no surprise that something happened on Sunday to hit my most vulnerable spot. The enemy loves nothing better than to sow seeds of discord in the body of Christ. That is his specialty. My job now is to recognize who the author of pain and confusion is, no matter where it comes from. I may need to confront a human being, and certainly one with the best of intentions. Satan only wins if we let him.

The scripture says, "Greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world". I saw a living demonstration of that the night my son tried to commit suicide. He kept raising a handgun with a live round to his head. I could almost physically feel the powers of darkness in his bedroom, like a battle was raging all around us. I believe it was. Every spoken word to try to convince him not to pull the trigger failed, so I began to pray, whispering aloud. The moment came when the trigger was pulled, and instead of an explosion there was only a click. I think an angel put it's finger over the round.


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