Friday, February 16, 2007

post v-day

Lots of snow, hazardous driving conditions to say the least, blustering winds, no sun-all of that on Valentine's Day made me think it was a good metaphor for the holiday. Nowadays there is a thriving anti-Valentine's Day sentiment, complete with cards and a gift line. Love is a tricky business, one that can leave a body stretched out in the desert where carrion have their fill on that body's stupidity. Or there can be an experience like flying down a mountain vertically on skiis or a snowboard, total exhilaration. When the two experiences come back to back, it's even worse. Do I trust? Do I not trust?

It all comes down to accepting that there will be vultures and skiis, I don't know what else to think about it all. The thing is, how much do the vultures get? If they never stop feeding, it's time to re-examine the friendship, relationship, whatever....I've been asked to trust when I finally decided the vultures had taken quite enough. There ought to be clowns. We'll see what happens next! Will I ever run out of the energy to care? Seems not (just hand me my nose and wig)...


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