Friday, February 09, 2007

venus and mars aligning?

Wednesday turned out to be something important this week, something I didn't expect at all. Did you ever have one of those where it seemed somewhere in the cosmos everything lined up, after weeks and months and sometimes years of fuzzy vision, total uncertainty at times the sheer random and hopelessness that life can sink into-all in a 24 hour period suddenly seemed to make sense, or at least come to a conclusion? Well, maybe it wasn't entirely all that, but my mind was clear. (AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!) That IS something! I started out the morning going through years-worth of slides of artwork, and suddenly I could see where my work was weak and where it was strong. I KNEW what I had to do. I separated out the current, strong things and put them in a different folder. After years of neglect and simply not doing it, I did the paperwork and slide labelling for three competitions, one in NYC-here we go....something inside told me, the time is now and run like a maniac. I went back to CVS to get a new batch of slides, and one-hour photos I took of my newly mohawked daughter (she could be bald and still be so beautiful!), and the manager himself handed me my pictures and assured me my slides were going out that day.

OH, yes, AND I drove myself to Allentown (about an hour and a half away) because I think I'm going to try and be a real estate magnate and I got an interview to start my own business...ok, now this one's a stretch, but you know...I felt so empowered just making the phone calls, the drive, and believing about myself that I could even do such a thing. Even if it doesn't pan out, something's changed. But before I even drove myself to Allentown, I had a few hours to kill so I drew a mini with my colored pencils for a charity auction at a local gallery in Scranton. I tried black paper. The first drawing I tried didn't work, so I flipped the paper to the smooth side and tried again. VOILA!!! An effect I've been trying for years to achieve. I'm setting up a still life today and doing a large one on smooth, black Canson paper. If this works, I've got a new attitude (where's Patty LaBelle when you need her?)

I suppose as if that weren't enough, and the experiences I've had with male friends lately...I got a call from someone I've come to know in ministry who is becoming a true friend. I was afraid to call him to see if I might expand my current role as musician into leadership, and he called to ask me the very thing, giving me a huge seal of approval. Somehow I'm thinking to myself, where is this all coming from? Man, I don't know-what I do know is I can't stop now!


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