Tuesday, June 12, 2007

good times

I think my ranting is done. The last post sounds whiny and ridiculous in comparison to the bigness and coolness of life that is happening around me. I had to put on my "grateful" this morning and realize the small stuff truly is small. I can change myself if I want to.

I watched the movie "The Painted Veil" last night, based on the story by Somerset Maugham. That also was one of those stories that truly brings you back around to what's important. The gist was a discontent and unhappy woman living in the 20's meets a doctor and they marry. She doesn't love him, but he does her, and he accepts a post in China to assist with a cholera epidemic in a town. (He's a microbiologist). She has an affair before they leave and does not want to go. He finds out and makes her an offer she can't refuse. She also finds out the lover does not want to marry her. The time in China is their painful redemption-learning how to accept each other as flawed human beings and love beyond the vows. She realizes she's pregnant after they reconcile and is not sure who the father is, but it doesn't matter to either of them. The doctor contracts cholera and dies, and the woman comes full circle to her husband's asking for her forgiveness and she insisting there is nothing to forgive before he takes his last breath. If we humans could only get what real love is, so much other stuff would seem unimportant.

I take my sister back to the airport today. I will miss her. It's been a great couple of days, reveling in the graduated status of the first daughter, having meals together, laughing and enjoying each other's company, sharing memories. Dena recounted how the family females loved to watch "Gilmore Girls" reruns, and how Brandon would always make comments about our addiction, until finally he began sitting down to watch, too! Funny stuff. I'm glad for my family and for the life I have. (It's now June 18th-for some reason my post dates won't change).


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