Tuesday, June 12, 2007

a goodbye

It's now Tuesday, June 19th, if this post does not date properly. I went to take my sister back to the airport yesterday after a wonderful five day visit. We just hung out yesterday and talked all day. My daughter wanted to tag along and keep me company on the drive home, an hour and a half, which was nice. However, things went wrong as the oftentimes will, according to the old familiar poem. Our little Honda Civic, the younger daughter's beater and learn to drive car, overheated up a steep mountain road to the turnpike. Very fortunately, we gave ourselves plenty of time.

So there we parked, at an Exxon station just before the turnpike, so close, yet so far. We looked very like the ignorant females we are about car matters, with the hood up and puzzled expressions on our faces. But put a cell phone in the hands of a woman, and action happens. Triple A was phoned, another car was located, the dad parental unit was messaged, and soon we were off again.

With pedal to the metal we zoomed South. I was minus my return trip company, but that was ok. We got to the airport right on shedule, as the British would say, and found out my sister's flight was delayed. We also had a comedian for an airport customer service rep, who had to yell out over the din at the ticket counted to a security office, where's Nanticoke??? The chances of finding a total stranger in an airport who knows the answer to that question is like being a lottery winner. So, after a litany of options and possibilites were run through, being she'd probably miss her connecting flight, my sister, who is not the best at deciding things, had to make a choice. After thoroughly hashing out ever conceivable outcome, she decided to go on and try to make the connection, having a back-up plan in place thanks to our rep.

Sigh...why do these things happen? I was exhausted when I got home, ready to be at the receiving end of a goodbye finally, yet missing her company already. As much as we talked about our OCD and co-dependent ways, it was a rather comical ending to a good story. Everyone likes a good goodbye.


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