Tuesday, June 12, 2007

white letter whine

Well, we got another letter from Brandon detailing his long-awaited court mandated drug and alcohol classes. He says it best himself:

"I've begun a new class, so I've been keeping relatively busy. It's the 43 session Outpatient Drug Therapy class everyone is afraid of. It's so damn long they can't tell you when it ends. I mean it, I was told by the Counselor it's too long for the call-out people to predict when it ends. At 43 sessions, 3 days per week, you can pretty much guess. The class is on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 1:00 to 2:30. One guy asked about skipping class for visits. The teacher (Mrs. Fiedor) says "you can miss 4 classes, so tell your people not to come on those days." That sucks. I just got done with some "homework" I have to turn in tomorrow, a seven page questionnaire about your drug/alcohol history. At one point you're given a selection of "thoughts" then asked which one best fits you. I wrote the one that says "I am here because I can't get recommended for parole if I don't do this." I explained by saying I already made up my mind to quit (too many other things I'd like to do) and that I thought therapy here was redundant. I was being honest. I 've made up my mind as to how I'll live the rest of my life, I'm only doing this because I was told I may not get out otherwise. Passively forced, in other words. A few months of this hell and I'll have one more mark to my merit. God save me from being a smartass."

I'm afraid, my dear boy, it runs in the family!


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