Tuesday, July 08, 2008

work out

I decided to join a gym two weeks ago, and I can honestly tell you I feel like a different person! Yes, well, it's amazing what a little exercise can do for a person. I have had to start out with a trainer, Mike, whom I have given quite the workout as well, adjusting every last piece of equipment to deal with my vertically-challenged stature. But he's beautiful, and it's rather nice to go into the gym and be around a perfect specimen of manhood and know he's mine for an hour or so. Chuckle.

Well, I could definitely weave this little piece of my life into a larger tale of how important it is to work out every area of life with a perfect example to show the way. I try, but I get the cramps, I complain, I huff and puff over the temptations and struggles, the little things that seem so big for me. But in both cases I DO wind up feeling like a new person, if I stay on the road and keep my eyes on the guy who has all the right moves. I think blondes must have more fun!


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