Friday, June 20, 2008

misc. letters

I like getting snail mail letters. I always have. Blogging is fun, e-mail is quick, but I like the old fashioned written word (or typed). I sent out a mailing to volunteers for Providing Hope, and got the sweetest letter back from a pastor who teaches Spanish-speaking classes in the jail. He and his wife invited moi to dinner. I can do that! It was lovely, made me feel so good.

I also got a letter from Brandon. He always has something to share, and so I'll include that now (I'm killing time until I go to the funeral home-still not sure I even can. The mother will be released from jail to attend...previous post.) HEEERRE'SSS Brandon:

"I broke my watch yesterday, stupid thing. I pried the back off to get at the battery and couldn't get it back on. Later in the day it pitched off the locker, 5 1/2 feet to concrete and just exploded. It was pretty fancy for a jail watch, a $30 Timex, just not so hot in the durability department. I'm not going to get another, they sell those gumball machine Casio quartz watches that can survive a nuclear holocaust for only 12 bucks. Seriously, an archeologist will find one at a dig site 10,000 years from now and it will STILL work.

I found a replacement for my good spoon. (He pinched a metal spoon out of the kitchen and I warned him it was probably not a smart idea to have it on his person.) It's identical to the ones they sold on commissary a few years ago, so I can eat in style and in peace. So, you liked my ink ribbon story? Though you would. I only do that because it gives me something to work on and I only need one cartridge at a time. Given the person I am, I would probably refuse to ask for money if I needed it. I'm stubborn and proud like that (LOL)." (He is).

He asked for a Chuck Palahniuk book and told me to check out the latest David Sedaris to see if it's any good.

Well, time's a-wasting and no matter what I do I have to change into decent clothes. Any one of several combinations of events could happen tonight and two of them demand more than jeans and a t-shirt.


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