Saturday, June 07, 2008

we made it

This week was Beck's graduation, and honestly, the events that unfolded were sincerely not how I had imagined things happening, if I imagined them at all. After two no-shows on the graduation stage, I was starting to get more and more nervous as senior week progressed. Monday and Tuesday were rehearsal for the event. Rebecca spray-painted her gown with flourescent green paint polka dots and did the same with the top of her cap, writing "most unique", as her classmates voted her, in electrical tape. Doubt inducer #1. We had a meeting with our attorney on Tuesday regarding Beck's hearing coming up the following week (a whole 'nuther subject to blog about, sigh!!), and what we were to expect. Fear factor #2-the police jumping out of her high school cafeteria for any small infraction (we saw that gum wrapper in the auditorium!). Class pictures on Wednesday-here we go with the gown, lump in my throat, several more gray hairs....Beck wisely borrowed another virgin gown from a friend, but kept her decorated cap. Ok, now we know it's a problem. In between all of this Beck and her sister trying to work out Dena coming to see the event, no matter how crazy the scheme-"you might parachute from a plane and hurry right back to work"(sounds ridiculous, I know, but I don't put ANYTHING past my kids!!) And oh, then, the call at 9:30 am..."mom, I think I won an award-could you come RIGHT NOW to the auditorium..." Actually, I was thrilled (are we done yet?) and "I need a dress for tomorrow".

Well, that's what you expect from children. What you don't is, a teacher making up an award just for your child because there aren't any visual art award categories, giving her a huge build-up because her classmates had no idea how much she's done and hearing them all cheer and scream out her name. Wow, massive lumpiness in the throat region. Her sister's workmates fibbing for Dena to get her off work and on a bus to see the graduation. Ok, maybe a tear now! Watching your "baby" sleeping on the couch, exhausted from all the activity and wondering where the time went-if I could only go back, just for a blessed, how blessed I am. Hearing her recount the story about daughter and friends blowing up balloons for graduation with a helium tank and singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" in chipmunk chorus. These moments have gone by too fast. Watching her parade through the gauntlet of mini American flags in cap, gown and high-heeled sneakers. We may never pass this way again, but what a ride.

Oh, yes, a good time was had by all, except the deer that crushed the driver's side front end of our Honda when I drove Dee back to Philly at one in the morning. It had to end with a bang!


Blogger wood_song said...

Oh my God! I wasn't there, have never even met your daughter, and I am proud and crying and...

Life is so very very rich and more so for the green polka dots :-)

2:33 PM  
Blogger joannie said...

Indeed!! Thanks for the post!

1:35 PM  

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