Saturday, May 17, 2008

one day at a time......

The past two days have really been interesting and encouraging to me personally. I can never predict how a day will go-I don't have a 9-5, though I am busy and work, but how the pieces of life will arrange themselves on a given day I never can tell. Let's see-actually, Thursday afternoon I had an adventure. I have wanted to get the tattoo on my left arm added to, and thought, and though about it, until finally I called a shop and went to see the artist in charge. It took me a detour, two toll roads and an hour to get there, but I found it. I want to have symbols for my children added to the Alpha/Omega symbol for my faith. The shop was a little scary, as was the owner, but something told me, trust this man and do this. I don't know-maybe it's silly, but when it's a gut reaction, I usually do. So next Wednesday I get my ink. His work is amazing. And decently priced.

That evening my daughter and I went to our Fine Arts Fiesta-she got two awards for her work, which was enough in itself!! I was so excited, and so proud. Well, no sooner did we get there and peruse the art tents than I heard my name. A friend of mine was giving my art info to a couple looking for a portrait artist. They needed a job done for Sunday...well, since I'm the portrait ninja I took it! They told me later it was like a miracle-they found parking immediately and me, too! Chuckle.

The following day I was set to go to a "tea" for a maternity home opening, for young ladies needing shelter, which pretty much translates women out of rehab and prison, and one of my 12 steppers was there. She looked radiant. But before going there, I did the portrait job and ran to get it shrink-wrapped so I could give it to my clients after the tea. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see this young gal doing so well and in the "arms" of people who just want to help. There were county commissioners in attendance, state reps, religious leaders and volunteers of all stripes, connecting the dots of need with assistance. This is so exciting!!

My clients loved the piece, and on I went to a Celebrate Recovery meeting. It was great to be with my recoverying "homies", do music and share in group with them. Without these dear people in my life I do not know what I'd do. There are always tears of relief, gratefulness and thanks for each other and the love, prayers and concern for each other. I thought of the past hours of my life, how many conversations, situations and places I went that I would not have had I not had the confidence I do now, thanks to God and my friends.

And finally this morning...meeting with my "girls". I always pray for open doors, and we got them, literally. I had to go up on the block to be with them because our usual room was being taken by a magistrate. Two women came down, and there was some mix-up about the list, so the COs in charge offered to let me go up, and I have no block clearance. I did, and we all just sat on the cement floor outside the cells and had our time. I love those ladies and the time I spend with them.

I guess this is a slice of Sue's life, and I'm grateful for it!


Blogger ~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

And I am grateful that you share it. Seriously... right now, reading this, is the first time I've felt... "human" in hours (which have become days).

I might cry.

I probably will... but it's a very, very good thing.


9:04 PM  
Blogger joannie said...

I'm glad, and humbled that just a few things I write down have that effect!

12:29 PM  

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