Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Hmmm....I'm looking down the converging railroad tracks of my ride into life's sunset. I turn 50 this year-just saying it is like saying, "ok, rigor mortis, here I come!" Chuckle. Not quite that bad, but simultaneously with that event comes my youngest child's high school graduation. In this liberated day and age, the glass ceiling notwithstanding, I still have a good chunk of baby boomer life left and I really don't think that includes cleaning the house every day. I stopped changing diapers a long time ago, and since there don't seem to be any in the immediate future (at least not proceeding from these loins), I need to GET A JOB! Sha-nan-na-na....I did follow the more traditional route of child-rearing, and so haven't really experienced full time employment in....ok, a long time. I've done a lot of things, but it's still like a big bag of puzzle pieces. Or like those metal shaving faces you put together with a magnetic wand. I still have piles of shavings and no clear picture.

It's ok-there's time to figure things out. I do have three children I'm so glad I had time for, a swing back to the college campus in my 30's which I have a great talent to attest to, and now there is yet another bend in the road through prison bars and all that goes with that. I need a magic eight ball or a diner table Genie. No, that got William Shatner wearing silly pants and then doing cheesy commercials. (Twilight Zone indeed!!) I've heard the scripture that talks about all things working for good being like having disparate recipe ingredients that mix into something delicious. I guess. Where's the mixer??????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll go along with that last part, at least, about the recipe. The dishes produced seem to be a bit of an acquired taste sometimes.;-p *LOL*
I passed 50 6 yrs. ago. I say you have a great chunk of life left to live!

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