Thursday, June 05, 2008

white letter et al

Got a letter from Bran, some excerpts:

"They've (the kitchen cooks) been on this awful garlic kick like the kitchen's been invaded by Italians (heyyyy, shuddup-a with the shuddup-a! You shuddup-a!) . Everything's loaded with it all of a sudden, making everyone smell more like sweaty nether regions than usual. Ick! Still, pizza inundated with garlic is better than bologna any day, which is what we get during the shake-n-bake (there was a cell shake-down). We were served our "lunch" at 9 am, don't know why, smelling heavily of garlic. Great, they found a way to inject it straight into pre-sliced bologna. It turned out to be pizza, or rather cheese on a broken wheat cracker. Hey there were cookies. Yum!"

"One of the things I needed was typewriter ink, which out of the efforts to save money has become an amusing ritual in itself. The stuff I need comes in packs of 2 and costs $10. Then there's ink for an obsolete model, 1 for $4. One guy who knew his way around a typewriter told me the obsolete ink was virtually identical and could be used in my model as well. He neglected to mention the ink itself was compatible, not the cartridge, so the spool would have to be transplanted into one of my empties. I figured it out for myself, eventually. The Kodak moment came when I began to pry open the case thinking, "Well, this shouldn't be too hard", when it flew open with a comically loud "BOING!" and shot a black streamer half-way across the cell. There are some springs in there with a surprising amount of tension! I got it together with a good deal of effort, it was like holding bare clockwork together and slapping a case on it before it flies apart. I'd say it was worth a buck or two."

He ends it, "Even though it's Friday, I should wrap this up. I suppose I'll be talking to you tomorrow, if that's the case, good talk! They should be collecting commissary sheets Sunday, so I'll order Dad his Father's Day card. My memory's so bad I forgot to order it 10 years in advance. Ah! I should have KNOWN! Ok then, later Mum."

We're three years into his sentence this July. I just met with an attorney who assisted on the initial case and now has her own office. Very thankfully she offered to help us with the return of property seized three years ago, and wonders why Brandon has not contacted her. We need to start getting more proactive in terms of release. So my response to him includes her contact information-I have to keep reminding myself half-time release is not a done deal.


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