Thursday, June 12, 2008

my hope is in You

Christian band Third Day took the words of Psalm 71 and put them to music:

To You Oh Lord, I lift my soul
In You Oh Lord, I place my trust
Do let me be put to shame
Or let my enemies triumph over me

Yesterday was a zinger. Wow. Not many days like that, but that's life and they do seem to be happening more. Phone calls made, phone calls received, phone calls waited upon. Appointments made, appointments done, more appointments needed. Unexpected things. Let's see, it started off with an OB-GYN appointment, my least favorite of the lot, poked and prodded in the nether regions. Not much action there, but lots of waiting and dreading. Ok, hurry home. Gotta draw. We're trying to sell our pool filter and fielding calls from the free PaperShop ad. In the afternoon our Honda goes in for a damage inspection (the graduation deer) and scheduling for repair or totaling out. Not sure what's going to happen. Waiting for the adjuster to tell me. Hurry home, keep calling models for life drawing which starts on, oh, tonight. Answer filter calls.....

My hope is in You
Show me Your way
Guide me in truth
Through all my days

oh, my friend from Arizona DOC is supposed to call for the first time, but wait, my daughter is calling long distance, have to pick up, someone's ringing through, oh well...Let's see, back to my drawing. It's coming out really nice, but the phone's ringing again. My husband, how did the car appointment go, someone's ringing through, oh, the chaplain from Providing Hope, do you have a minute??? Ok, let's check the ministry cell phone which isn't working. Right, back to drawing, and the phone, phone, your filter still....wait, I can't hear'll have to call my husband. It's five o'clock-dinner, I have to make dinner...

I am oh Lord
Filled with Your love
You are oh God, my salvation
Guard my life and rescue me
My broken spirit shouts, my mended heart cries out

....I forgot to get the filter plug, only a small part but the pool store is closed, hafta get back to my drawing. This isn't working, my husband's calling again, the man's coming for the pool and no plug, where's my daughter-she has to call her sister back. Did my friend call...where's my husband, where's the people who are supposed to come for the filter, it's not even clean, I forgot to take out the trash...I think I'll sit down now and wait!

My hope is in You
Show me Your way
Guide me in truth
Through all my days

Here they come, there they go, remember to close the ad, the car's scheduled for repair, this is a good movie, I need a shower, a call from the prison? Hi, Shannon...ok, talk to you next week. Good night, gotta sleep. Tomorrow's coming...


Blogger wood_song said...

Ok, now I am completely exhausted!! LOL!

2:55 PM  
Blogger ~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...

"suspended animation".

I want your DNA.


1:28 AM  

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