Saturday, October 03, 2009

Happy Birthday!

The wonder of this birthday card is not that it is a bit less lame as prison cards go, but that it is not the SAME card as the last three years. Chuckle. Bran was very surprised and excited. Of course I don't really care, but that's the standing joke we have now about birthday cards.

And the inside is the best part. Here's a Bran bit:

"Imagine my surprise when I saw this in my commissary bag. It's different! A miracle! I'm amazed, really. Commissary puts the 'love' in my love/hate relationship with Monday. On one hand, it's the heaviest work day of the week, on the other you could have goodies waiting for you at the store. Got myself a basic man-staple: meat, cheeze, and crackers. Those Ryan's Ranch Summer sausages are a crime against food, but they're ok for jail. Not to mention, easily sliced with a plastic ID card."

Chuckle. He's a Brandon, and in the midst of the grey sameness of jail, life does actually go on. I got my card!!


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