Saturday, April 09, 2011


April 9, 2011 My son's parole hearing happened Friday, March the 4th. It doesn't seem possible, and this may not be the end of things, but in six to twelve weeks we will have a definitive answer one way or another. I had to stop letting this answer define my life. My son outlined how terribly difficult the parole interview process was, as it is most probably designed to push buttons, test maturity, get at the truth of the inmate personality. He felt, in his own words, like a turtle on its back, left in the middle of a highway, after it was over. Completely hoped for, totally unexpected. So we have no real idea, except that there is concrete criteria the board uses to reach their decision. It is not arbitrary. Brandon has much in his favor...critical institutional support, a solid home plan and family support, a job to return to if he wants it and most importantly, real lessons learned inside. He is not a hardened criminal. He logically evaluates his situation, accepts the possibilities whether in his favor or not, and seems ready to leave for the very fact that he could accept staying. Acceptance, not resignation, seems to be the key.


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I pray that you got the vindication you deserve and that your son is out of prison by now. Having these hardships in life is a good foundation to rework every aspect of your relationship with your kids and hopefully have a stronger bond with them.

Sterling Easterday

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