Monday, November 20, 2006

don't worry...;-)

On a random leap into bloggerland, someone reminded me to savor the moment and remember the women on the Titanic who passed up dessert! In my inbox were birthday party pictures from my sister of her son's Star Wars' inspired celebration complete with brown tablecloth robes. Suddenly I really wished I was wearing one,'s all been too heavy lately, like a bad fruitcake. I seriously need a life drawing session. There's nothing like drawing someone naked to break up the monotony. Maybe a trip to the bakery is in order. I've spent the entire morning typing worship transparencies-it might be sort of fun to purposely mess up the words. There was a park bench add for a local church that read "Come Warship With Us" for about six months. I wish they had left it that way...

Hey, my incarcerated friend-orange never looked better on you! Thanks for helping me laugh at my own ridiculous seriousness...

And to a dear soul who loves me in lime, dittoes. Even miles away you're the life of the party.

To my family who loves me even when I pick out bad fabric and don't get the joke, I'm so glad you're mine.

Mountain Momma, it's been like heaven on earth to go from roller skates to our kids' dates and be no worse for the wear-you always did like a circus!

Thanks to my precious sisters for loving the cookie page! We'll be together again one day...

And to my adopted sisters on Wednesday, we can always find a good word about dentures, men and dear sweethearts, thanks for the laughter and tears (what a blessing you are)..

and the Thursday girls-I can always count on you for cookies!!

Ok, there's plenty of party left in life! I just gotta get my robe on!


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