Tuesday, March 06, 2007

and she's off...

Well, the week begins again. My back still hurts a little, but my mind is good. I went back to the dental lab after a month being laid off, and it seems no matter how I space my day or mentally prepare, I'm wiped after a day in the lab. I was yesterday but I'm ok. What has been so difficult about visitation is that I couldn't let it go emotionally, and somehow God worked in that area of my psyche. That is what made the trips seem to never end-I'd just about get over one and then we'd be going again. But what I prayed for and asked others to pray for seems to have come about, so I can get on with my day and my life and not be dragged to the ground each time we go to the SCI to see Brandon. In other words, no matter how my life works out or what my day holds, the situation with my son is not a cloud that continually hangs over it.

And the week started off with a bang to remind me I do need all my strength. I got a phone call about someone needing help and intervention in their life, and I'm reminded of all the connections I have now to people who are holding out their hands and lives for that very thing. Then I got an e-mail from a former art teacher who is asking where I am and where my current work is (he has a fantastic website of his students' work, many of whom are now professionals and respected in the field). It's like everything is saying to me, wake up and move forward, quickly. My older daughter called the day we were gone, so we called her upon returning home. She has some immediate needs, not the least of which is to stay connected to and be supported by her family because she is so busy now and in a very challenging time in her life personally. My younger daughter has all sorts of opportunity for art competition and needs a good work space....the list goes on as real time comes back into the forefront. I cannot afford to live in the past.

At the end of this week my husband and I go to a real estate seminar to get training for a new business venture. I'm really excited to begin something new. Somehow I know the continual truth of a life reborn into God's purposes, as the scripture says, the old things are passed away, and behold, all things become new. I'm experiencing that now, and it's good. I have hope, and that hope has it's foundation in something that is more real than anything my eyes can see. I want my life to say to the world that a life of trusting God is not a life lived in vain.


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