Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ceiling fan blues

I sit here waiting. Well, fidgeting, writing, half-leafing through a book I'm reading, drumming my fingers...I guess that counts. The ceiling fan guy is supposed to be here-was supposed to be here 15 minutes ago. It's so ridiculous, one of those things you put off. My dear handy husband put up a ceiling fan in our middle room years ago, and the wall switch was never wired right. Therefore the globe light in the fan could never be lit with a wall switch. And the cap of the fan, which should rest flush with the ceiling, never did. That just bugs me more than the light. That sagging cap that exposes the wrong wiring and hacked-out hole into which it feeds.

There should be a lesson in all of this, but for now, I'm annoyed, waiting for that truck, waiting for this silly job to be done. I have to go to the doctor in about 45 minutes to be checked again and potentially fitted for a hearing aid. I'm nervous I guess, and that makes the annoyance even worse. Where is that guy and his truck? I simply want it fixed. As with everything.


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