Tuesday, June 12, 2007

where you lead

I have the privilege of working with pastors and leaders of many types, but I do observe, pastors and chaplains, who basically have a similar calling and job description, have widely varying ways of carrying that calling out. There is the issue of control. When dealing with humans, that is necessary. When being in charge of them, that is really necessary. There's always the threat of things getting massively out of control in the sanctuary and out, or wherever. If you've been in a church or meeting that allows personal testimony, we've all been treated to the way-too-long and we-need-a-song (right now!!) ramblings of folks, or the incredibly weird or really personal, personal experiences. Sigh. Being on the other side of this as a congregation member an underling in ministry, I never quite know what to do.

It gets complicated when two leaders are involved, and are supposedly equally hitched to the same yoke. It's funny sending out mail and getting two incredibly distinct replies, when you really need a uniform and specific answer. I'm not sure how to handle this. One is massively laid back, and the other is by-the-book anal. So, ok. In comes someone who would really like to get things done, and by the time the information and suggestions go through this twisted network, the results are impossible to implement. Yet they are wonderful people, great leaders, do good work and are led of God. Double sigh.

I would go so far as to suggest most pastors are control freaks in their own ways, and still this is perhaps too harsh and understood almost as part of the job description. I'm grateful for those who allow us under them some trust and confidence in what we can do. It's just getting to that point. God bless us all, being human, trying to lead and trying to follow.


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