Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'm still practicing with adding these images to my blog. I am terminally slow in understanding computer concepts, but finally got how to navigate boxes. Sigh. Anyways, this is a drawing I did of my friend Jeanne. She's probably my biggest art fan, a spry 80-something, very crippled with arthritis, but always busy at the private care home where she resides. She loves this portrait I did of her and calls it "the blue picture". The title is "Sunflower".

Jeanne is very concerned about my art progress and warns me all the time that the path will not be an easy one. Our last visit I dropped off some art supplies to her. She paints and has very little extra income to spend on anything, let alone that, plus the difficulty of getting out and about. It was a joy to bring a few small things to her that she was so very excited to receive. But as we parted she reminded me, "I'm sorry but you will have to suffer, you know". Sometimes I look at her as an old woman slipping a bit too much into the starry and planet-ridden world that is Jeanne, but I know that was a lucid moment. And she reminded me, too, that there's a crotchety old lady in an old folks' home just ready to scold me if the temptation to leave the art path takes hold too much. Just what I need!


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