Friday, December 05, 2008

new every morning

The creative spirit is ever renewing and alive. The above image was found after doing a google search "creativity and the Holy Spirit". I thought this was a tremendously interesting entry. It's a cyber drawing of Adam and Eve, and a reminder to me that art is continually growing, adapting and changing, and revelation never stops. Old truths breathe new life.

I'm back from vacation, visiting my sisters and taking time off from a busy schedule. I needed a fresh perspective. I guess it helped because I passed my Microsoft Vista certification upon my return! I'm so excited. At any rate, while there I was privileged to meet an author and artist who had just sent me an e-mail prior to my departure. My destination was the Indianapolis area, this man's home base. His name is Scott McElroy and he just wrote a book entitled, "Finding Divine Inspiration: working with the Holy Spirit in your creativity." I'm going to see if I can provide a link to a bookseller here...Anyway, it was good. I needed to understand that the creative spirit in the world is the Holy Spirit, and He is ever alive and active in our lives if we seek. Scott had a book signing within reasonable driving distance from my vacation domicile, so I went to meet him. I came away determined to let God take the wheel in this whole thing.

I also came away with a much better appreciation for the great art of loving and sharing in relationship over time. I have four sisters and they have always been my best friends and greatest fan club. We are like Patty Duke's old show, the story of identical cousins (I can still hear the theme song in my head!) They walk alike, they talk alike, at times they even...whatever alike, chuckle-well, imagine five of them. AHHHH! That's the Phillips girls. We did talk-ALOT! And that helped me. When it feels like my whole head is an iceberg, everything frozen up from too much schedule, too little reflection and contemplation, I need to let things thaw out. And that is what happened.

It is good to be home. It will be even better when I let the wind of the spirit begin blowing through my creative imagination again.


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