Tuesday, April 24, 2007

be still and know?

Well, here it is Tuesday, and I find it rather comical that after all the frustrating things that have happened in the last few days, the thought of driving to Philly and going to NYC doesn't even register on the emotional Richter scale. This morning I had to pick up a photo for a portrait and agreed to meet my client at McDonald's. Well, so I thought....and so did she. Except that she was really thinking Burger King in our little town, and the nearest McDonalds is down the parkway. So I'm sitting miles out of town, and she's sitting in town, and both us are wondering what the world's going on. I waited for about 45 minutes plus travel time and zoomed back into town. I checked phone messages because I do not own a cell phone, and there's the messages-here I am at McDonalds (well, no, you can't be). Next message...here I am at Burger King. Shoot (no, I didn't really say that, but...). So I jump in our jeep and fly down to the BK in town and whew! she is still there. We laughed over our foolishness, thankfully and talked art turkey. The photo is loverly, perfect, it'll be great!! But I limp away with my nerves shredded, again.

And yesterday, my friend finally got my letter, and I finally got his manuscript to mail. I was on pins and needles for two days not knowing what the heck was going on or how I could fix it. I couldn't. My daughter's duct tape dress came out fine, but it was another one of those....I don't know what the heck is going to happen. It could look great, it could be a poo-fest. Lord, do I hate that!! And is that what He is teaching me! Patience, trust, love, calmness....ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! I just can't seem to master it! I blow up and then I laugh when it all works out. I gotta quit the explosions. They are becoming more minor, but I struggle so.

So on we go, trying very hard not to worry about the rest of today or tomorrow. What lessons are in store for me??


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