Saturday, April 14, 2007

what's a life worth

The thing I have to keep asking myself is, what is a life worth? Is it even mine to ask that question? But I have to, the more I spend time in the prison and the more it becomes a passion and a calling. Is it worth trying to help people you know will probably never be able to help themselves or maybe never really lead what we would consider a productive life? I guess we all assume that our own lives are worth other people's time and effort. We believe our own lives are supremely important.

The thing I have to depend solely on God for is the determination of how important His creation is. That is not my call. I see it in the justice system, how easily in the hands of human beings life becomes cheap. It is a hard, hard job to do, to determine what another person apparently deserves according to the laws of the land. And according to God, we all deserve punishment for our sin. It is something that touches every life. Everyone born is in need of mercy, of a commutation of sentence.

So really, we're all on common ground. I feel my own inadequacy in trying to determine , sometimes, what is the best way to spend what time I have upon this earth. In truth I see an infinitely patient God working among people who at best have the most meager understanding of His nature, which we were created to reflect. But sin has cracked and ruined the mirror of our shining purpose. I have to look at the most worthy Life, and realize it was used up and cut short to redeem sinful people. Can I do any less?


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