Monday, July 09, 2007

where the apples fall...

It's the start of a new week, just coming off of a week of working extremely hard to get my younger daughter's room in shape for the coming school year, and then visiting the older one to encourage her and simply be there for her. I'm so proud of both of them. My son called as well this weekend before we left, so I suppose as the week progressed and the weekend went on I was trying to capture moments in my mind of children. I guess when I don't know what my life is about or things get confused and I'm way overly worried about things that don't matter, I bring it back to family and remember that the love I have for them and the purpose they in turn give my life makes it clear.

My younger daughter is eligible for dual enrollment her senior year in high school, which means her grades were good enough to allow her to take college classes along with finishing her high school schedule. Her senior project is an art show, so I knew the best way to help her was to provide her with a clean work environment. We went from this intense red called Crushed Strawberries on her walls plus magic marker graffiti, photos glued on, lip gloss smeared on (?) to electric lime. It looks great (after days of sanding, scraping, chipping and a double coat of high hiding primer plus the color coat!). I want her to do well. I pray this makes it easier.

My older daughter is trying to figure out what comes next after months of intense laboring over college projects in her fashion design major. She was finally able to clean off the layers of fabric, patterns and junk that had collected on her workspace so we had room to safely lay down an air mattress. I find myself unable to give her any real advice except to follow her star. It's up to her now, though we want to be supportive and do the practical stuff without keeping her from living up to her decisions and responsibilities. The best word about her came from her roommate, which was, she's the perfect person to live with because she takes care of herself. It makes me feel that as a parent I've done my job.

As for my son, I'm not sure what to say except within any family, each member has free choice, and it is a delicate, and sometimes not so delicate, matter of allowing rope and pulling that rope in. It is hopefully in love we yield and in love we hold. I've been told to neither take too much credit nor too much blame in the case of childrearing, and I suppose that is good advice.

Now I think it's time for mom.


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