Saturday, June 30, 2007

a moment in time

I'm afraid to ask the question "why" anymore, for the good or for the bad. The more I trust that all things work together for my good, the more I can fathom the incredible, the strange, the unbelievable in my life. Or maybe I'm just don't get out much ;-)! If I accept God's terms, these things happen. The caveat is, I can't make them happen or control them. I can only be thankful when they come and learn to see the invisible hand in it all. I have to stop being afraid-being afraid of when I don't understand, I'm overwhelmed by it all, I don't know what to do or how to react.

How do I react to suddenly knowing what another heart needs? If I would have tried to control the moment, I would have said take me home. But I didn't. This morning after prison ministry I rode out with my single partner to see her two churches, get hoagies and pet her cats. I knew she needed me. It was good to be needed. I was tired, but the tiredness left when I said yes to her. How do I react when something I was pleading for was answered suddenly and completely without doubt? Like a child asking for a cookie and receiving a birthday cake, I stood humbled and unsure how to receive the moment. But I did. The invisible became visible in my life in a way I could receive it and know it's really true.

A miracle is oftentimes a moment only we can see who are truly looking with open hands and hearts.


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