Sunday, March 18, 2007

white letter day

While we don't hear from him that often, some letters from Brandon are better than others. This was a good one. He seems to be getting more settled, and it's apparent in this letter. I was laughing from start to finish. I'll include one incident that he related. Here's Bran:

This week has been interesting, with at least one event worth noting. One of our associates, Timmy, got into a slugfest with the block porn peddler, Detroit. As my luck would have it, the whole thing went down in the dayroom while my nose was firmly pasted to a book in the cell. Once I've devoted my full attention to a book, you can't pull me from it. There could've been a live performance of the 1812 Overture by a full-sized orchestra complete with artillery while a riot broke out and a tear gas grenade found its way into my cell and I still wouldn't notice. Anyhow, the whole thing started when Timmy inadvertently took Detroit's seat. Timmy was asked to move, but I guess he was feelin' spunky so he told Detroit he'd have to knock him out of the seat to get it back. Detroit says "okay" and tee's off. Timmy proudly stands to take on the smut salesman, but in his shower shoes he slips on the linoleum and ends up on his knees, where he spends the rest of the fight. We were disappointed, considering we don't like this Detroit fellow. He's a known snitch and he sells crappy magazines at over inflated prices. So, as this is going on, the block cop is screwing around in the bathroom until he's finally summoned by control to stop this re-enactment of the final step in a Gordy Howe hat-trick. Cop comes-a-runnin', Timmy gives himself up and ends up in the bucket for 60 days, and scumbag Detroit walks (not to mention he'll max out in a week. Sorry, Timmy, no round two for you).

Well, suffice it to say prison life is never dull! If he's able to joke about these things, I feel Bran has adjusted well. He did mention two other inmates, Nick and "Ducksauce", helping him stay on an exercise regimen, which he needs. I'm grateful.


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