Wednesday, March 12, 2008

300th post

Well, this marks my 300th post since starting the Prison Mom blog. I guess in terms of blogs that is not much. But it is a reason to reflect back I suppose. Today I spoke with a radio executive about advertising my portrait art on the radio. I'm very excited, very anxious to make a real business of something I truly love doing. My son's old bedroom is now my art studio, and I want to make good on a promise that the room, the scene of Brandon's attempted suicide, would become a place of life and hope. I remember how I felt after that night, after he was taken by the police. I could not empty, clean and repaint that room fast enough. The police assumed I was trashing evidence. They really don't know women and mothers very well. Anyway, talking with the radio guy today, I felt such a sense of completeness and hope that my goal will be achieved.

And now, after a day of goofing around and doing my thing, it's time to really do my thing! Back to the studio!


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