Saturday, December 29, 2007

blah, blah, blah

I don't know why there are times, in this era of proliferation of communication in every form, it seems like everyone is out of reach. You can know at every moment where people are, and still miss them. The knowing doesn't help much. I've been waiting for days for a homemade card from my son, and I think-we speak weekly, we trade letters-who cares? And I have to stop making an idol of the mail. But today my husband intercepted the mailman and drove off with whatever we did get after I was straining to hear the door open and close, signifying he'd been here. It made me so aggravated. Now after waiting all day I have to wait for my husband to return with the mail.

Then there was an e-mail about a friend being out of computer distance for a few days. What difference does that make when we're thousands of miles apart anyway? None. But I felt a sigh inside. And I'm promised a letter as well. I feel so greedy for care and communication-whatever did people do when there were no phones, computers, mail carriers, blackberries and palm pilots...I guess somehow they lived. With whatever was going on inside, and didn't need to be constantly writing and speaking about it.

Guess I need to tend to my work and shut up for a few minutes!

p.s. I also need to amend this-I unfairly accused my poor husband of stealing the mail! He did not, and when it finally did come unusually late in the day, there was a great letter waiting for me from yet another friend. I guess that points up my level of frustration. Time to get a hobby!


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