Friday, April 18, 2008

it's only words

I'm allowing myself one little pity party before I have lots of things to do and 1 1/2 busy days to get through (tonight and tomorrow). It's funny how words, the lack of them or the wrong ones, have the effect they do in our lives. Two friends I've not heard from with any significance in a bit of time longer than usual. Another is going on an extended trip-that friend struggles to maintain contact with even his own family due to work-related pressures. I lost a friend-no, not lost a friend, but in the actual context of weekly events, yes. We probably will not speak to each other or even write that often anymore because of circumstances that will separate us. I haven't received a letter from Brandon in weeks. Now I know tomorrow could bring those words I usually receive right back again, and I know, too, I must learn patience. And trust. But today seems hollow without them.

Meantime, I fill the void with my own words and let that be what I need today.


Blogger wood_song said...

You've already identified that the feeling will likely be gone tomorrow.

For today, though, I wish you peace. You are not alone, you are not abandoned and you are most definitely not rejected.

"Peace give I to you."

6:29 PM  

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