Thursday, January 03, 2008

teaching an old dog

I was really pondering what turning 50 this year would mean to me, if anything. One thing I clearly see is that hitting the half-century mark today does not mean what it did years ago. For one thing, I look at actresses I grew up watching on the screen big and small who are near my age or older. They still look so young, plastic surgery notwithstanding! Some of these women are still having babies when they should be celebrating high school graduations. The very thought of an infant now makes me tired, I do admit. But good food, good healthcare overall, our gadget-driven society, so many factors have led to a slowing down of the aging process in some respects. I don't feel old. But lately I've questioned God about my life's path...I know I don't really need to pull out the rocking chair yet, but He seems to think I have more energy now than any other time in life. I keep getting put in new and different places, and does He care that my birthday is reaching the big Five-0?? Apparently not.

I woke up a few days ago certain it's time to start a Celebrate Recovery in our town. This is no small task. But it has been on my heart. I did ponder, though, for an instant-God, why didn't you pick someone younger? Then I just started working with acrylic paints. An artist, even a professional, does not learn a new medium in two days. This could take months of concentrated effort. I love it, but, does it matter that my shoulder joints ache and I can't stand at the easel like I used to to God? Nope. The burning inside is stronger than ever. The passion to work and serve only becomes greater. I had to learn Photoshop to send in my Colored Pencil Society of America entries this year. They no longer accept slides. So it was curse my way through it and learn how to the navigate software or else. The world doesn't stop.

In my reading the past few days some of the scriptures I've read are, "Be of good courage and do not fear", "Come, let us reason together, says the Lord", "By His kindness you are called to preach the Gospel", "The righteous person is like a tree planted by a stream...their leaves shall not wither and in old age they shall still be full of sap"...Ok, I admit my sappiness. Yuk, yuk! I don't think these scriptures leave me with much excuse. Up, up and away!


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