Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Museum of Broken Relationships

I skim the news for stories of interest, or stop what I'm doing on the computer to read them if something catches my eye. One did this morning-an article about a museum for broken relationships. I was immediately intrigued? Isn't the worst of losing someone you love knowing that the evidence the relationship even existed will soon be swept away with time? In this museum you can mail in your exhibits. Some of the items on display include a hatchet which was used to break up an ex-girlfriend's furniture, fur-covered handcuffs, a prosthetic leg from a war veteran who fell in love with his therapist...of course, the fun for me was, thinking of what I might send as an exhibit. We collect very strange relationship debris. I'd love to see a random list from people I know. Ok, I do need to include a link. This museum is in Croatia-I wonder if they experience more break-ups there than average? It will be traveling and there is a schedule.

I know I don't need to spiritualize absolutely everything in life, but my mind naturally thinks in spiritual application, so here everything, there is a season. One day the rose is blooming, and the next it's dried and dusty in a book page long forgotten. In the world, in life, things are meant to end, or mature, or die, or morph into other things. One song I absolutely love, written by Sara Groves (I Think) is...c'mon brain...He's Always Been Faithful. It's about God, of course, and one line goes something like this-I can't remember a trial or a pain, He didn't recycle to bring me gain. I so want to believe that. There are reasons why we meet people, love them, why they are special for a season. Some are special for a lifetime, but must be far rather than near. It's ok. I suppose we're given memories as our own museums, and we thankfully forget the pain and hold the remains of what was good until all is redeemed on the last day.


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