Sunday, January 11, 2009

Portrait of Cara

This is my latest portrait. I am still without studio space, but it was time to get back on board and begin working. I'm painting now, a pair of roses. I promised my 80-year-old artist friend that I'd begin painting "happy", and so that is what I'm doing! Actually, before the hiatus, I was experimenting with acrylic paints. They are great because they're water soluble and the pigment is extremely saturated. I used to use watercolors to stain my drawing papers. Well, I tried staining with acrylic, and got a much more brilliant base. I love the chaotic jumble of colors to begin with, so I am using acrylics and colored pencil together over this color crazy paper, doing white flowers. It's coming out great. Maybe I really needed the break. I'll post the colorful one when its done. Feels good to be "back"!

p.s. Cara is a former inmate and was helped by Providing Hope Ministries. She was (is) a success story, and hopefully will remain so.


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