Sunday, January 18, 2009

a legend gone

There was a great loss in the art world this week, at the least the American art world. Andrew Wyeth died at 91 years old. I forgot. I resisted putting up a Helga picture-I love his drawings and simple still lives and interiors. I did read the obits that were up, and realized that he went through the same gyrations of labeling as did Norman Rockwell-genius vs "just a painter", an illustrator. Just an illustrator who painted some of the most memorable images of the 20th century. I should be such a painter, sigh. I didn't realize the Met would not show the Helga pictures. I guess they figured it was a husband/wife put-up job to create sensationalism. Whatever. They didn't need to do that if they did. Helga never looked better. I also would not squawk at going from a neighbor's cleaning lady to model/goddess, at least hotly pursued on canvas. They are stunning paintings. Nothing else can be said about them.

Andrew Wyeth was quoted as saying, "An artist's work will only be as deep as their love". Maybe not verbatim, but I've been thinking about fear as of late. Scriptures says perfect love casts out fear. We take risks for that which we love, and certainly I can defend poor Andrew for painting a model hundreds of times-some things in the world inspire such desire to create. His love for his craft, maybe his love for her...but really, I don't think so. He was an artist's artist. He said something to the effect trying to explain it, "That Prussian face..." Ever fell in love with bones, strands of hair, the way light falls on a form? I have. I wish I loved that much! I painted today, and prepped my paper yesterday. I decided color and control be damned-I flung paint, I dabbed, I dripped, I let it run, and I let it dry, and then I painting on it. And today I looked at something I did last week and got angry-it's not exciting enough. I retaped the painting and covered the background with slashing strokes-it was just too uhhhh...nothing. If risk is not involved in creating art or living, it is blahhhhhh!!!!!


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