Saturday, February 07, 2009

follow up

Well, I did meet Boris and Julie and Dave (see previous post)...we laughed and had a great time just like old friends. And the thing I realize is, no matter how much fame, fortune, success, recognition, all that, a person may realize in this earthly life, the most important things remain the same. I did speak with Julie at length, and it was mostly about kids. She loves her art, to be sure, but it is not the center of her life. She couldn't say enough about my daughter, and it was obvious the affection was mutual. How lovely. And Dave is a wonderful young man. And I thought to myself, little fool that I can be, how often and intensely I have prayed, "God, show me the way. I want to have a full and complete life, send me what I need to complete my art training. Help me, help me." And standing in that crowded gallery, I thought of what lengths in my life He has gone to, even before I ever asked...He knew.

Whispers in my ear
and sends shivers up my spine
It's the gratitude I feel for all that's right
It's a mystery appeal that's been granted me tonight
This peace...


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